Truffle Brunch


Winter has well and truly arrived, and to celebrate, NOMAD is honouring the glorious winter fungi with a menu dedicated to all things truffle.

For a limited edition brunch offering every Sunday in July, join us to immerse yourself in the tastes of truffle threaded into a range of traditional brunch dishes, with a NOMAD twist.

From baked eggs to hash browns, pancakes and a specially made brioche, you’ll have plenty of truffle influenced items to choose from, both savoury and sweet. Pair it with our curated drinks offering and you’ll never want to leave.

The elusive truffle is not here forever, so be sure to indulge while you can.


When: Every Sunday from July 7th to August 18th

Time: From 10am till 11.45am

Where: NOMAD Melbourne

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Three cheese & truffle manoush $25

Baked eggs, mushroom cacio e pepe, truffle  $30

Ham hock hash brown, truffle $22

NOMAD breakfast roll $28

Pumpkin fritto, truffle honey, pecorino, truffle $29

NOMAD waffles, pistachio, strawberry, truffle honey $29


Add on

Smoked date glazed bacon $16

Smoked tomatoes $12

Wood fired flatbread $12

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